What is Fates of Ort?

Fates of Ort is a retro inspired fantasy RPG with a focus on strategic action and a story driven by player choices. It is a tale of sacrifice and difficult choices, in a world under threat of annihilation by the avaricious force of consumption magic.

  • A hybrid of real time and turn based action
  • Multiple spells to discover and combine with elements for varied effects
  • Endless gear to find – some ordinary, some cursed, some utterly legendary…
  • NPC interactions that fundamentally alter the course of the story progression


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There are numerous ancient forgotten spells, yearning to be learned and uttered once more. How each spell manifests in the world depends on what divine power you choose to combine it with – the unbridled passion of Life, the measured incisiveness of the Mind, or the devastating force of the Shadow. For example, the Evoke Force spell will cause the ground to erupt with a series of sharp ice crystals, summon a thunderous lightning strike, or barrage the ground with a meteor shower – all depending on what the spell is combined with.



Magic is powerful, but it is not free. Every spell you cast requires a little bit of your life energy to spark it. Cast enough spells and you will extinguish your very soul. This means you need to be strategic when fighting, balancing the cost of magic with the risk of taking damage from your enemies. Replenish your life energy by approaching one of the magical spikes littered around the world, which were driven into the ground eternities ago to bind Consumption in the depths below.



In Ort, time stands still when you do. This adds another dimension of strategy, as you are able to consider your moves carefully. There is nothing holding you back – as long as you are moving or performing an action, your enemies will come rushing to destroy you. Use this ability to mould time to your advantage by carefully avoiding projectiles and setting up elaborate traps to defeat your enemies.

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What does “Fates of Ort” mean?

“Ort” is the name of the world where this story unfolds. Ort, an archaic name for “that which has not been consumed”, is being devastated by monsters fuelled by an evil Consumption magic that draws on the matter of the world itself to fuel its evil legions. If things go on like this, all of Ort will be consumed.

“Fates” reflects the focus the game places on the interaction with non-player characters, and the impact the player can have on the fates of these characters. Every choice you make has repercussions that are reflected not in a morality meter, but in the opportunities that are presented to you. The choices you make will fundamentally change the way the story unfolds, and ultimately, how it all ends.